Thanks to all that came out and joined us at our first points show as well as the benefit race for our former BBRA President. Both were successful. Results for the benefit race are posted on the facebook event page. BBRA point show race results are now posted under the "Race Results" tab. Just click on the race flyer image.




Details for the 2016 season are here!!

This year should be exciting! We have a great fresh set of Bod members that plan to put on a great set of races! We know there are several great places to race in the area that we have scheduled around them to the best of our ability. But I am hoping you will give BBRA membership a try. The 7AL Ranch has done many improvements which include new TR3 drag, upgraded water truck and new bathrooms. They are also donating the use of the arena which means more money for prizes! We also have 3 exciting fundraisers. So I am so excited to see what our awesome magic awards director LIZ can do. So give it some thought and get those ponies legged up and let's have a great year!

















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