Bluebonnet Barrel Racing Association

est. 1989

Our Association offers professional and amateur barrel racers of all ages the opportunity to compete and compile points for year-end awards in various categories such as: Novice Horse Classes, Future Champ Classes (lead line and unassisted), Open 5D, Juniors 3D, Youth 3D, Senior 3D.

BBRA holds a minimum of 10 point shows a year, all of which are within a 125 miles radius (as a crow flies) of San Antonio.

You don't have to be a member to run with us but as a member you can accumulate points throughout the year and have a chance to win some AWESOME awards!!  

Membership Forms are available online or on race day ... see Rulebook for details

A little BBRA History from one of our longtime members:  A group of ladies wanted a place to haul their young horses.  They were raising families and needed to be closer to home.  The only place to haul to was rodeos and play days.  So in 1989 they got together at a restaurant in Seguin Texas and named it Bluebonnet Barrel Racing Association.  They wrote out the format, rules and by-laws.  They based them on the GRA which would later become the WPRA.  The classes were Novice and Open only.  As time past they added a youth class.  The D's didn't come until later.  Originally they stayed in a 50 mile radius due to arenas being donated and as they grew they expanded the distance to 100 miles or as the crow flies.  Depending on arenas that were donated.  They had their first finals at the Pleasanton Showbarn.  They ended the year with $3,000 to buy awards.  So they sent out letters to businesses asking for donations.  They received buckets, reins, pads, brushes and all sorts of things.  These women worked hard to make it a success.  Thirty three years later we are still enjoying the fruits of their labor and dream . . . . . . .

A Heart felt Thank you!!

First President - Sandy Hirsch

Secretary - Melody Lawrence

Treasurer - Susan Neill 

Editor - Lynda Harkins

Some others, Bonnie Goodson, Kathy Boren, Luann Bradley, Gay Fergusun, Diane Weitz, Pam Shuler, Roberta Horton, Mary Marceyes, Rebecca Rowell, Gayle Shannihan, Thelma Thompson, Beth Martin, Dixie Neeley, Brandy Hutson, Billie Joan Reeves, Roberta Horton, Karen Schladoer, Kimberly Wood Clifton, April Rogers, Elaine Bohnert, Anna Marie.  In later years, Rebecca Long-White, Pam Hapney, Jennifer Crawford, Kay Lynn Schulz, Donna Dugosh, Darryl DuGosh, Alice Campbell, Christina Rydell, Richard and Terri Edwards, Patricia Brander and our new President David Leist who is going on 5 years of service.  I'm sure I have left out some who played a strong roll in the continuous of this association.  If I did please forgive me for the list is great and so are these who are on it. 

Again, Thank you!

Pamela A. Rone